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If yes, then your brick's ability to protect your home from water damage may be compromised. 

Sure it looks solid, but the reality is that your brick wall is more like a sponge. Small cracks, voids and channels within the brick readily transport moisture through, and the brick itself can absorb moisture. Then there's the mortar. Softer than the brick, cracked mortar may also allow water entry.  

The first three pictures (left to right above) show cracking and peeling of brick and mortar due to water that has penetrated the brick, and then repeatedly freezes and thaws. The picture on the far right (with the whitish powder) is called Efflorescence.  Water and brick each have natural salts.  When water penetrates your brick, and then dries or evaporates, it can draw these salts out, causing Efflorescence - the unsightly white "tarnish" that you see on your pretty brick.  

Cracking, flaking and efflorescence is not only unsightly, it is a symptom of a bigger problem - water penetration.  Behind the brick, water can be corroding metal ties, metal studs and other items needed for support; it can rot wood members, promote mold growth, and damage interior finishes.  

Select Professional Painters can HELP protect your home from water damage!

According to the Brick Industry Association It is desirable to minimize the penetration and absorption of water in brickwork to avoid problems encountered in walls. Clear coatings may be applied to brick masonry in an effort to facilitate cleaning, to provide gloss or to reduce water absorption or penetration. 

Does Your Brick look like any of these?